Bushenkai Aikido

20121110-_RJH9698Northwest Martial Arts offers Aikido and self defense for men, women, and children. Aikido is a non-aggressive way to protect oneself against physical, emotional, and mental assaults while maintaining centered stillness.

Bushenkai Aikido utilizes combinations of evasions, deflections, joint locks, and psychological strategies to neutralize attacks. Based on the priciples of synchronous timing and coordination between attack and defense, the attacker’s energy is redirected effecting neutralization of aggressive actions with minumum effort while achieving maximum results.

Bushenkai Aikido is comprised of physical, mental, emotional, centering and balancing techniques. These include practical methods of dealing with stress, managing conflicts, balancing emotions, and nurturing calmness.

Bushenkai Aidkido is both a practical self defense system and an avenue to harmonize oneself with the natural flow of events.